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15 tips for writing winning product description to increase conversions

What is a product description?

When selling online, sellers need to write descriptions of their products while listing their products on an e-commerce platform. The winning product description is for marketing the product and has all the information about the product that the buyer would need to know while making the decision to buy that product/service or not. The description should be such that it encourages the customers to spend their money.

Generally, you should ensure that the description of your product includes:

  •  its complete details
  •  the benefit this product provides to buyers
  •  and how is it better than the competitor’s products

Why is product description important?

The description of your product is the decisive factor of your sales frequency. If the description of your product is creative and is SEO optimized, it can increase your sales a great deal.  

Your product description is all buyers have to make a decision, so putting an extra effort into it makes the decision easy for buyers and makes all the difference in conversion rate.

Product description should be such that it describes all the specifications of the product along with its benefits. It should display a unique product that does not only solves the problem of the buyer but is also more valuable than the products of the competitors.

Ideally, your product descriptions should represent a unique value proposition alongside offering the perfect solution to an annoying problem. 

Research shows that products that have better descriptions written are sold more than the ones that do not have attractive descriptions. 

winning product description

Here are some tips to write the perfect description for your products to boost your sales.

1. Make sure that your descriptions are for the targeted audience

Study your target audience and accordingly write descriptions. If for example, your target audience is teenagers, use words that teenagers would use and write details that they would want to know.

2. Make sure that the description has all the necessary details

To make a winning product description including all the details of your product is crucially important . For example, if you are selling a make-up foundation keep in mind what information is required by buyers to buy this product. If the information is not complete the buyer will not be able to make a decision of whether or not to buy the product.

3. Make sure that each description contains benefits along with the necessary details about the product

Writing details about the product is an absolute must but adding the benefits along with them makes a bit more sense to buyers on why to buy the product. When the customer knows how the product will benefit, they are more likely to buy it.

4. Be creative while writing descriptions

Try to be a little creative while writing descriptions. If your description is the same as a hundred other sellers it will not draw the attention of customers. 

5. Try not to self evaluate your product

Your product description should be about the product and not your opinion about the product. Let the buyers decide if your product is best or not, try to avoid phrases that self-praise.

6. Brag if you have proof

You can brag about the quality of your product if you can prove it by providing the relevant details like a lender has improved quality because of a better blade. If not a specific detail, you can make use of reviews from the buyers.

7. Make it about the experience

When writing product details try to add the experience a buyer would have while using your product. For example, if you are selling a hairdryer, write about how the temperature would feel on your head, how quickly it would dry the hair, it will not damage the hair, etc. to make it a winning product description.

8. Make use of power words

Words like  ‘best’, ‘top’, ‘free’  are words that grab the attention of buyers, so using these words in the description would higher the probability of potential buyers clicking on your product.

9. Make sure your descriptions are original. Copied content is less likely to rank higher

Refrain from copy-pasting your description from other people’s products. Copied content is ranked lower. Moreover, a unique description allows you to present yourself as better than your competitors. So, working hard on the description is crucial for business owners. 

10. Make sure the description is search engine optimized

Include popular keywords in your description preferably in headings but refrain from keyword stuffing and optimize images and videos of your product.

11. Make sure to make your description attractive to buyers

Your target is to make customers engage with your product. That is only possible if you meet the demands of your customer and write something that convinces them that this product will solve their problem urgently.

12. Make sure to write descriptions that are easily readable

Make use of bullets and paragraphs so that customers can easily read the details of the product. Good-written descriptions are those which can be skimmed through and contain to-the-point information of the product that the buyer needs. It should not a huge chunk of boring read for the buyers.

13. Keep in mind the personality of your business

If you’re selling something serious like medicines keep the language of your description formal. If you’re selling something fun, keep your tone casual and exciting.

14. Make sure there are no typos

Recheck your descriptions to make sure there are no typing errors like grammar and spelling mistakes.

15. Make sure to frequently update your product description

Make frequent changes to your descriptions according to the changing trends see what works for you and increase your sales. 


All these points are very important for a well-written product description. By following all these steps you will surely get results. To get help regarding SEO you can always get our help.

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