How to Turn One Piece of Content into Multiple for SEO

The daily quality content for social media is the need of every business person for the online presence of their business. But it is a difficult task to make creative content every day for each social media platform. The format of content for each social site is different, so making separate content for each is a hectic job especially if you want to post consistently and we know that getting content created can be heavy on pockets.

To make things easy you can create one great quality content and break it down into multiple small pieces for the various digital platforms like wordpress. Top brands spend huge budgets on content for marketing, as experts suggest to spend 25% to 30% of the total budget on content marketing. Nonetheless, it is not necessary to spend hefty money on content creation, rather you can smartly use one piece of content, differently on different digital platforms. Remodelling your content will save you a lot of time, energy, and money, and the quality is also maintained.

We will discuss here some ways to turn one piece of content into multiple types that can be used in all of the social media websites to help businesses with brand awareness. Rather than creating new low-quality content regularly, it is better to make high-quality content and then reshape it according to each social media platform.  

Pre-plan how you would create a bigger piece of content and later break it down

Make an outline of the structure of your content and plan prior to making it, how it can be modified according to different platforms. If for example, your parent content is in video form, write down the pointers, and have a rough idea of what should be the content for transcription for a blog post, what clips to be added on Instagram and Facebook, and what to be extracted for LinkedIn and Twitter. Make your video having in mind that you have to transcribe it to a blog post as well afterwards.

Also, make sure to keep in mind to record in a more professional tone so that it is suitable for a blog post as well. Moreover, give slightly longer pauses in places where you want to break it down for shorter social media posts, this will make the editing easier later.

Some of the free video making tools are as follows:

  • Adobe Spark
  • Animaker
  • Moovly
  • Animoto
  • Biteable
  • Vyond
  • iMovie
  • Magisto

Convert video recording to written content

A video let’s say made for youtube can be converted to a blog post. Blog posts are very important for SEO, so converting your video into a blog is very essential for generating traffic to your website.

Some of us are good speakers but not as good writers, so in that case, making video content first and then changing it into written content is a good idea. Video content is faster to make as well so you get a lot of content in less time that can be used for written content.

Transcription however is not a very easy task because it takes a lot of time as well but there are some tools at the rescue like:

  • Rev.com
  • TranscribeMe
  • OTranscribe
  • Express Scribe
  • The FTW Transcribe

Converting text to audio

There are tools that help you change the text to audio but you still have to do a lot of editing which of course, is very time-consuming. But if speaking is not your best of skills, you can opt for this option as well. Some text-to-speech converters are:

  • VoiceMaker
  • VirtualSpeech
  • Kukarella

Convert video to audio

Videos can be changed to different formats of audio like flash briefing and podcast by using online tools like:

  • UniConverter
  • Freemake
  • Handbrake
  •  DVDVideoSoft Video

Flash Briefing

It is comparatively a newer concept, these are basically short audios that you can listen to and customize according to your choice. They can be accessed on devices like Google Home and Echo Dot. where customers get news updates, stories, weather reports, etc.


You can easily convert your video to audio, slightly modify it according to the audience and you’re done.

Convert your blog to Quora Posts and Answers

Quora is a very good platform to increase the reach and also it is very fruitful for SEO  of your content. Your parent content can be moulded to answer a question on this platform, you can also pick a smaller portion of it to post it as a short article.


Need of multiple pieces of content

1. To chase your customers

You should know what social sites your customers are using so that you can design your content accordingly for each kind of social media platform. Targeting them from multiple channels is essential because it creates brand awareness. Brand awareness is crucial for any business,  by letting your audience see you at different places you make them remember your brand.

2. To maintain High quality

When you do not have to start from scratch for each post, the quality of content is not compromised. Rather one long quality content is broken down into small good quality content according to the platform they are posted to.

Authentic content builds a relationship of trust with customers so they start relying on you for information. It creates desirability of your presence among customers and hence, very essential for brand awareness and has an impact on sales.

3. Relationship with customers

Daily quality content makes customers connect with your brand. It is not necessary that people will buy from you every day but it is the relationship with them that matters. If they are connected with you, and they need to buy something, they’ll choose you.

When you share the basic information about your brand, the audience starts recognizing you and develops a sense of what your business is about. The relationship built with your audience gives you an edge over your competitors.

4. Search Engine Optimization

We know that you can optimize your website for search engines by writing content against a keyword and making links to the page on which it is published, this improves your rank against this particular keyword and its variations.

But initially, ranking high organically is a hard nut to crack so you have to depend on social media to direct traffic towards your website. There are 3.8 billion users of social media around the globe so the consistent posting of content is crucial on all social media platforms for improvement in brand visibility. Through these posts, the traffic is redirected to your website and improves its SEO rank.

All in all, posting regular content on various digital platforms is very important for SEO and content marketing.


Do not indulge in the habit of making a different post for each digital platform because it takes a lot of time and brain to think of a new idea every day. For SEO, The most fruitful strategy to be successful in content marketing is to create content consistently that increases the information of the audience, is thought-provoking, and is based on facts and figures. This is because posts like these get more visibility and in turn increase the visibility of the brand.

 You should also:

  • Analyze which kind of posts perform the best
  • Experiment, to see what works the best.
  • Take reviews from the audience seriously

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